About the Author

Rajeev Ahmed is a natural-born strategist from Bangladesh. He stands out for his sharp insights and ability to explain complex strategies and counter-strategies, all while keeping a close eye on the ever-changing world of domestic, regional, and global geopolitics, geostrategy, and geoeconomics.

His blog, geopolits.com, is where he shares his unique insights and deep analyses on global affairs, especially those that go beyond country borders. For Rajeev, geopolitics isn’t just a job; it’s what he’s truly passionate about. He’s on a mission to bridge gaps in how we understand national security strategies.

Rajeev’s articles in the Daily Observer are more than just informative reads. Titles like “Reasons for Bangladesh to Have a Strong Navy,” “How Myanmar’s Unrest Threatens Bangladesh,” “Unveil Underbelly of Our Civil Societies,” and “Envision a Political System That Upholds the Rights of All Citizens” have made a real impact. They’re not just articles; they’re conversations starters and eye-openers, helping us all see the bigger picture in a world that’s often too complex. His piece titled ‘So, which of China’s favors would Bangladesh decline?’ published in Dhaka Tribune had a profound influence on policy experts within Bangladesh and garnered citations in international academic journals

On geopolits.com, Rajeev’s talent really shines. He breaks down complicated geopolitical, geostrategic, and geoeconomic topics in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. Whether you’re a global strategy buff or just curious about world events, Rajeev’s blog is the perfect place to get your fix. His writing combines expert analysis with an ever-curious mind, making every post a must-read.

His latest book, “Bengal Nexus,” is a game-changer. It’s the first book from Bangladesh to take a deep dive into the country’s national security, offering a forward-looking and fact-based perspective. This book isn’t just a collection of thoughts; it’s a guide to understanding and shaping the future of national security in a fast-changing and increasingly important region.

Rajeev Ahmed is more than just a writer. He’s a visionary thinker whose insights are crucial for anyone wanting to get to grips with the complex world of global geopolitics and comprehensive security architecture. His work is more than words on a page; it’s essential reading for a more informed and strategically aware world.